How to Register

To become Nord Fx Partner you have to follow 2 simple steps given below:  

  • Open Forex trading account (Micro, Standard or MT-ECN)
  • Get IB status, affiliate link to attract the clients.

Note: You may also use the same account for trading.

Documents Required

You have to get all the documents uploaded & verified:

  • ID Proof: Passport, Driver's license, PAN Card
  • Address Proof: Gas bill, Electric bill, Telephone bill, Bank statement, Credit Card statement

(Your client needs not to upload the aforementioned documents if they use Money Booker, Web Money or any online payment system for deposit.)


Registration Process

To become an Introducing Broker, it’s necessary to open your trading account then perform the following steps:

Your affiliate (IB) link will be sent to your promo materials page within 24 hrs. To check Affiliate link, follow:


  • As you obtain IB status (Introducing Broker) as well as special link, promote it to get new clients.
  • As your client clicks your link, NordFX website will get open.
  • As your client creates an account through your link, credits it and starts trading, he will be mapped under your IB code automatically.
  • Finally, on completion of each transaction by your client, commission so generated will be credited to your account simultaneously.

Affiliate Program Options

  • Promo Material: Affiliate link is given
  • Client: Clients are mapped with their link
  • Commissions Statistics: Commission generated through their mapped client
  • Partner’s Agreement: terms and conditions of the partnership/franchise
  • Contacts: online support system