“Account history” 
The list of the full finished transactions and non-trading transactions under the trading account. 

An algorithm of a trading account management in the form of a program in specialized language, sending requests and instructions to the server with the use of the client terminal.

The higher price in a quote. The price the Client may buy at. 

 The trading strategy using «Arbitrage deal».

“Arbitrage deal”
It is an operation, point of which is that the asset is bought at one market and its analogue is sold at another at the same moment.

Cumulative financial result of all finished transactions and non-trading transactions on the trading account. 

“Bar (Candlestick)” 
An element of a chart including opening and closing prices, and also the maximum and minimum prices for the certain period (minute, 5 minutes, days, week etc.). 

The lower price in a quote. The price the Client may sell it. 

Quotes flow presented in a graphic form. The maximum (high) of a bar/candle is the maximum Bid for the period, the minimum (low) is the minimum Bid, the closing price (close) – the last Bid of a bar/candle, the opening price (open) is the first Bid of a bar/candle.

“Client log-file”
 A file created by the client terminal which registers up to a second all inquiries and the orders sent by the Client to Nord FX.

“Client terminal”
Software product means of which the Client can receive information about the trades at the financial markets (in the volume defined by Nord FX) online in order to carry out the technical analysis of the markets, to make trading operations, to expose/change/delete orders, and also to receive messages from Nord FX. Is placed on Nord FX's official website.

“Closed position”
 Result of the second part of the finished transaction.

“Contract for difference”
 (CFDs) a contract regarding the fluctuation in the price an underlying asset (shares, futures, commodities metals, indexes etc.)

“Contract specification” 
Main trading conditions (a spread, a lot size, a minimal volume of transaction, a change move of a transaction volume, an initial margin, a margin for locked positions etc.) for each tool. 

“Credit leverage” 
It is the ratio between the margin and trading operation volume. For example, the credit leverage 1:100 means that for transaction realization it is necessary to have a sum of 100 times smaller, than a sum of transaction.

“Currency pair” 
Object of a trading operation with the base of one currency cost change relative to another currency cost. 

“Disputable situation”

A situation when:

  1. The Client thinks that Nord FX has violated one or more provisions of this Agreement because of his activity or inactivity.
  2. Nord FX thinks that the Client has violated one or more provisions of this Agreement because of his activity or inactivity.

A current state of the account. It is calculated by the formula: balance + floating profit - floating loss. 

“Fast market”
 The condition of the market characterized by rapid trend changes at a small time interval.

“Finished transaction” 
Consists of two opposite trading operations of an equal volume (opening and closing of position):

  • A purchase with next consequent sale or 
  • A sale with next consequent purchase. 

“Floating profit/loss”
Non-fixed profit/loss in open positions with current rate values.

“Free margin” 
Funds on a trading account, which can be used for the opening of new positions. Calculated by the following formula: equity — margin.

“Hedged margin”
 Maintenance demanded by Nord FX for opening and maintenance of blocked positions. The details for each instrument are in the contract specifications.

“Initial margin”
Cash security demanded by Nord FX for opening of positions. The details for each instrument are in the contract specifications.

The instruction of the Client to Nord FX on quote reception. The inquiry is not the obligation of the Client to make the transaction.

“Instant execution” 
The provision of quotes to the trade system without a request. Thus a client may proceed with desired transactions. 

The Client’s order to Nord FX to open/close a position or to place/modify/delete an order. 

“Tool” (“Instrument”)
 Currency pair or Contract for difference (CFD). 

“Lock position” 
Long and short positions of identical volume opened at the same instrument on one trading account. 

“Long position” 
Instrument purchase in view of a rate increase. Regarding to currency pairs: purchase of a base currency for quote currency. 

An abstract designation of quantity of the base currency, accepted in a trading platform.

“Lot size” 
A number of shares, articles, a basis currency in one lot defined in the specification of contracts.

“Margin Call”
 A state of the account at which Nord FX has the right, but is not obliged to close all open positions of the client because of a free margin lack. 

“Margin Level” 
The relation of equity to necessary margin expressed in percentage. It is calculated by the formula: (equity/margin) *100 %. 

“Margin Trade”
Carrying out of trading operations with the use of a credit leverage when the Client has possibility to make a transaction with the sums considerably exceeding the amount of his/her own funds.

“Market opening” 
A continuation of trade operations after weekends, holidays or after a break between trading sessions.

“Necessary Margin” 
The margin required by Nord FX to maintain open positions. The details for each instrument are in the contract specifications.

“Non-trading transactions”
Replenishment of the account as well as funds withdrawal from the trading account or operation of granting (return) of the credit.