Metatrader 5 Tutorial

1. How do I install MetaTrader 5 through Nordfx?

If you are already a client of Nordfx and have an account with us please log on to the trader’s cabinet on and select the option to download the setup file.

If you are not a client yet then please register with us first.

Execute the setup file “mt5setup.exe” and follow the installation instructions on your screen.

Once the installation is complete you can access MetaTrader via a shortcut on your desktop. 

2. How do I open my first demo account?

Open MetaTrader 5.

Click on [File] – [Open an account]

You will then be asked to fill out a registration form.

Once you have finished the registration, login details will be set up automatically for you and displayed on the screen. You can repeat the process for as many demo accounts as you like.

3. How do I log in to my account again later?

Open MetaTrader 5.


In the login window you enter your login details: account number, password and server.

To log in into your account easily, select the option “save account information”. Therefore, you will not have to enter your password every time you log in, if you select this option.

You can check whether you are successfully logged in by checking the connection status in the right bottom corner of the platform.

4. How can I open an instrument and a chart window?

Look for the small window “Market Watch” in your MetaTrader.

Right-click into the middle of the window and select “Show all” in the menu. Now all available instruments will be displayed (you may have to scroll up and down). For every contract you can see the bid and ask price.

To display the chart, showing the bid of the instrument, right-click on the instrument you wish to display the chart for and select “Chart window”.

You can change the chart by selecting different options in the chart taskbar e.g. select different time intervals.

5. How do I place an order for a selected instrument?

Right-click on the instrument you wish to place an order for in the “Market Watch” window and select “New Order”.

Open the order window with [F9]

Right-click into the chart of the instrument you wish to place an order for and select “Trading” and then “New Order”.

6. Where can I see my current position and how can I close it?

Look for the window “Toolbox” in your MetaTrader. It consists of several tabs, among others “Trade” and “History”.

In “Trade” all currently open positions and active orders will be displayed. In “History” all closed trades will be displayed. If you right-click into the window you will find the option to display “All History” in order to extend the trades shown to every trade you have placed before.

If you double-click onto an open position in the “Trade” tab, the order window will reappear. You will then have the possibility to close the position.