Advantage of Binary Options over other Options

  1. Binary options are very simple for trading since you only need to know the market direction and then you can trade in any underlying asset you wish. In a regular option, one needs to know the market direction as well as the value of price movement.
  2. No need for ‘stop-loss order’ also as no actual asset is traded.
  3. The associated risk is already known and is fixed. One is not going to lose more than one invested in the trade.
  4. Likewise the return is also fixed whether you win by 1 pip or 1000 pips.
  5. Trading in binary options is easy. Just select your asset you wish to trade, choose up or down then click trade now, that’s it.
  6. No hidden costs in binary options.
  7. Even a beginner can win.
  8. Binary options have an almost pre-defined risk to reward ratio, traditional options have not clear definitions of reward and risk and hence uncontrolled gains and losses.
  9. Binary options contracts can last almost any length of time, ranging from minutes to months. This provides great flexibility and almost unlimited money-making opportunities.