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Advantage of Binary Options over other Options

  1. Binary options are very simple for trading since you only need to know the market direction and then you can trade in any underlying asset you wish. In a regular option, one needs to know the market direction as well as the value of price movement.
  2. No need for ‘stop-loss order’ also as no actual asset is...
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Decoding Binary Options

Even though binary options are categorised as exotic options, they are one of simplest options to understand and execute. One of the most common binary option is to be known as a ‘high low’ binary option. “In stocks, foreign exchange and commodities, a typical binary option (High-low) is also known as a fixed...

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Learn Binary Trading Step-by-Step

Anyone can trade binary options, yes it is that easy. There are only two options in this sort of trading and the likelihood of being correct is as high as 50%. But in order to gain a long term insight, you need to develop your own binary options trading strategy. Here is how you can start trading in binary options...

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Metatrader 5 Tutorial

1. How do I install MetaTrader 5 through Nordfx?

If you are already a client of Nordfx and have an account with us please log on to the trader’s cabinet on and select the option to download the setup file.

If you are not a client yet then please register with us first.

Execute the setup file...

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What is new in Metatrader 5

Those who have been trading in forex markets must be aware of Metatrader, however beginners might find this word foreign. To make it simpler, Metatrader has two versions, Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5. We can also call it MT4 and MT5.

The software Metatrader was built up basically for retail traders of foreign...

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Finding Out the Best Forex Broker India for Trading


Foreign exchange market, the largest financial market, with more than $4 trillion traded value attracts a large amount of individuals every day. Quite a large number of people win while a lot of lose. What is that important aspect which helps the winners and don’t assist the losers? Well, this is nothing but...

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Important Note on Forex Scam and Ways to Secure Trading


In 2009, the report of foreign exchange committee estimated the Forex transaction more than $3 trillion each day. With such huge sum, the market persistently trades with any accountability, guarantee and dependability. In that case, the chances of Forex scam significantly increases, making it more vulnerable...

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Key Basics Of Binary Options Trading For The Beginners

Are you one among many who don’t know much about binary options trading and want to get into the market? If yes, this blog post is for you.  We have seen that traders are very cautious while working with this market. Binary Options trading is quite different from other kinds of trading. In this, you do not have...

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The Facts about Binary Options Trading Got Unveiled

‘Binary options trading’ is popular among people who put smart efforts on trading and make massive benefits. On the other hand, trading seems to be disgusting to quite a large number of people. If you are a trader, binary options trading had been either in your favor or against your strategy. Beyond all hypotheses,...

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Few Secrets of Becoming a Winning Trader

Known as Forex, Foreign Exchange Market is the largest and also most liquid financial market in the world, which alone makes more than $4 trillion USD every day. Along with greater volatility, the market enables exclusive opportunities to traders to make money smartly by using efficient and technically analyzed...

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