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Each client registered by your affiliate link is labelled with special code (cookies) which will be preserved for 3 months. That's why even if your client does not open an account immediately, but does it some days, weeks or months later, we will know it is your client. Your client opens an account, credits it and starts trading. After each client transaction is closed, commission is credited to your account.

Working with Partners is our priority and we are ready to offer you some of our great advantages:

  • Interest scheme of commission charging. Such scheme may significantly increase the size of your profit comparing with other programs with fixed commission.
  • Guaranteed commission, it does not depend on profit or loss of your client transaction, its size, duration or your client's trading strategy. It means you will get remuneration from each transaction of your clients.
  • Commission is credited to your account online.
  • You may withdraw any part of your commission any time. There are more than 20 withdraw methods available - you may use wire transfer or card withdraw, as well as web payment systems and electronic exchange.

You may offer to your clients:

  • Great choice of financial tools and trading platforms.
  • The best trading conditions for any strategies.
  • Low fixed and interbank dynamic spreads from 0 pips for different account types.
  • Comfortable work and 24 hours support.
  • Fast deposit and withdraw with the help of more than 20 ways.

Partner tools

Advantageous conditions of our Affiliate program are the base of your increasing profit; the effective trading conditions will guarantee long and stable trading of your clients. We invite everyone interested to cooperation!